Each bed is made to order using a combination of the finest materials to ensure the optimal combination of comfort and support.

  • Hypo allergenic fabric

    500 gms Bordeaux Knitted fabric with Bamboo – bacterial hypo allergenic LUNA fabric

  • Spunbond

    All LUNA beds are Spun bond to ensure that the best possible experience for the customer.

  • 90mm pocket coil

    90mm Pocket coil – 4.8mm border wire support

  • Foams

    High density, high quality memory foam, natural latex and recon foam

  • Nested pocket coil

    180mm Nested pocket coil – 4.8mm border wire support

  • Foam encasing

    All whole units are foam encased in high density virgin foam


There are 3 types of LUNA beds, series 1, 2 and 3. All of the LUNA beds come are constructed using a nested pocket spring system to ensure optimal support. A combination of high quality memory foam and natural latex provides a comfort layer with a plush feel for those who prefer a soft end feel. As with all LUNA beds we use 500gm bordeux knitted fabric and bamboo hypoallergeric fabric.


All of the LUNA products offer a premium quality experience. Our series 1, 2 and 3 range of beds are made from only the finest quality materials you can find, we take time and attention in ensuring that each bed is made to meet the exact requirements and customisations per order. Our beds are truly unique and will offer you a once in a life time experience.